Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

It has been two and a half weeks since I began my little foray into the world of the skinny people, and already I have been beset my numerous dissapointments. Like dominoes crashing down so went my days of January and my goals.  It first began with my trip to Denver getting cancelled and with it my upcoming half marathon. Without my goal at the end of the tunnel, I suddenly found myself having issues staying motivated. (Enter the evil 4 month old) As the month began rolling along my four month old got more and more restless being couped up while I worked out, thus eliminating the mid-afternoon workout. At first being ever the optimist I was like no problem I will just start my trackworkouts earlier only to find out the gym doesn't open till 5:30, and with my work starting at 6. This was a no go at this station, and I needed to move out.

Alas, the month of January ended up as a big fat failure, but with every setback we must dig in and find an new way forward less we lose the ground we have fought so hard to gain. So, as the new month begins so does the new plan. I have now begun to use my lunch hour to log my miles, and in the coming weeks (2/14) I will begin my strenth training fat burning at a 24 hour gym. While, this isn't the most ideal situation it will have to work until I can begin running outdoors again, and as for motivation I have engaged a colleague in a friendly little wager for our next race of Beat Beethoven in April, hopefully not wanting to get chicked will be enough motivation to keep me moving forward. While, I maybe willing to let some little 9 year old girl beat me by several minutes last year, I will keel over dead before I allow my colleague to beat me.

This is for teh snail

BP 147/104 resting
Pulse 62
Body Comp 33.5
BMI 38
Weight 280
Waist 47

Goals for the month of Feb

-Continue steady progress on elimination of Mt. Dew and Coffee (Keep it at once a week, lower portion size)
-Lose 15 lbs
-Log 50 total miles
-Post a weekly update
-Make this shit look good


  1. Writing it down is the first step in making it happen. Go for it!

  2. Lol, "Make this sh!t look good"...that reminds me of my favorite quote from MIB2...

    "No, what you remember is that you used to drive that old busted joint. See, I drive the new hotness. Old and busted, new hotness."

    It's time to turn back from the old and busted to the new hotness!

    Keep at it bro, one step at a time. I'm proud of you!

  3. Brave move, elder Snail! 33.5% body fat and a 38 bmi is a mighty good starting point. It's good to make a plan, stick to it and you will be successful. Good luck!